bar man
bar man #1 (2005)

1- Spider Limits (5:01)
2 - The Cabinet Room (4:30) (*)
3- Homology (4:39)
4 - E.M.D.R. (6:00)
5 - No Cluster (4:24)
6 - Growing (2:49)

"Bar Man churns out eclectic post-beat tracks in Madrid, Spain. The brainchild of hip Hammond virtuoso Emilio L--Galiacho, Bar Man #1 is a fresh release that is sure to attract a following among those with schizoid attention spans, --those seeking cross-over blends without claims to a facile globalism. Galiacho is at home among rock keyboards and sequencers alike, and the tracks give a clear map of the intersection between blues and electronica, with a hint of movida from one of Spain’s finest musicians. Slomo to driving beats glue together surprising narratives that will take dancers from the chill-out to the floor."
DJ Clifford Porner, Montreal, Canada.

"Technology dominates the human experience: our instincts are now digitized, our natural habitat is upgraded daily; purity is defined by technical achievement and efficiency. To pervert the New Purity is to inject it with soul. Bar Man does just that; the music rises like a phantom cloud from the manholes of the forgotten streets of our modern techtropolis, permeating the pulse of the city´s mechanized veins. Bluesmen howl while rock’n-roll guitars and traditional organ merge with electronic loops and ambient noise, developing a melodic fusion reminiscent of St. Germain and DJ Shadow. In the record, raw rock’nroll, jazz and funk meld with electronic innovation and powerful, rhythmic beats. True purity makes a come-back."
Phill Starck, Detroit, USA.


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All tracks composed, performed and produced by Emilio L-Galiacho.

(*)Included in the recopilation "BLUES BEAT 0.2", selected by Alex Van Looy and released in 2005 by DRO-ATLANTIC.